Dmitri Levkovich

Dmitri Levkovich classical pianist composer

»…raw force... irresistibly intoxicating...level of artistic sophistication far above the ordinary...«

Gerhard Schroth, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»...Levkovich's Rachmaninoff is world class. He shows a composer’s understanding of the music far beyond most young pianists with plenty of technique. He makes each Prelude a new adventure, and his attention to detail revealed some things that I knew from study, but not from recorded performances...This set of Rachmaninoff's Preludes now moves to my top three...«

          James Harrington, American Record Guide

»...Here  is a poet speaking, but by no means a vague pleasing kind. Levkovich knows exactly what he wants: clear phrasing and intensity are the traits present throughout. All individual voices have their own color and glow. Sometimes it appears as if two pianists are playing. It's all there with Levkovich: the grand gesture, the intensity, the storm, the sometimes pushed but excusable virtuosity, the sinister grim smile, the sweet eroticism, the quiet, sincere tenderness and heavenly filigree. And all rendered in a state of deep composure.«

           Jurjen Vis, The Pianist Magazine (Blad van Luister, Holland)

Rachmaninoff’s 24 Preludes CD Review  »...Pianist Levkovich demonstrates his aptitude for lyric poetry as much for digital fireworks, having performed a stunning Maestoso in B-flat Major and then having proceeded to the martially contrapuntal d minor. Its middle section permits Levkovich his pearly legato amidst a flurry staccato runs. Poetic bells suffuse the D Major, with each repetition of the falling motif’s gathering more nostalgia….. Levkovich brings a dark introspection to the poetic middle section. The last pages blister the ear … Has Levkovich been listening to Benno Moiseiwitsch? Levkovich enchants in much the same, ethereal fashion, all lilacs… The downward sequence of notes tolls most eloquently, embracing a series of histrionic arpeggios and repeated notes. This piece might become, under Levkovich, Rachmaninov’s answer to The Great Gate of Kiev.« 

          Gary Lemco, Audiophile Audition

Not a single note left to chance. 

»…From the first phrase he thoughtfully displayed the enormous range of his pianistic expression: from the subtle elegiac narrative to painful, even threatening passages exploring polyphonic ideas… Not a single note he leaves to chance.«

         Aud Merkel, Volksstimme Stendal

Expressive and powerful. 

»musical brilliance, virtuosity, romantic feelings and natural phrasing never at fault.«

         Remy Franck, Pizzicato

» …The subtleties of sound, colour, power and sensitivity that Levkovich pulled from the instrument were amazing ….Levkovich presented a performance of Bach’s Italian Concerto, an amazing piece of music.  The layering and interaction of each of the voices was beautifully handled, and if anyone in the audience thought that Bach’s music is not entirely about “melody”, this would have convinced them.  When played this well, it is stunning!«

         Steven Fielder, Barrie Examiner

»... his playing seemed to fill the theater just as fully as the orchestra could….he kept the audience on the edge of their seats.«
»Scintillating ... everything was beautifully polished, fluent, and defined. Lyricism was elegantly shaded and reached ecstasy… expansive in phrasing; noble and passionate.« »... takes music-making into another realm. He was boldly romantic... applying liquid phrasing and fervent propulsion. He stressed extremes of dynamics, eerie sonorities, and whirlwind drama.« »...Levkovich managed the show with enormous panache, and more than a little charm.«

Donald Rosenberg, Cleveland Plain Dealer

» of the truly elect, an artist with technique, a ravishing touch, sensitivity, perspective and intelligence. Seldom do these qualities come together so compellingly.« »An artist of rare gifts…Levkovich displayed a virtuoso technique that admits of no flaws – as well as the mastery and maturity that holds that virtuosity to absolute integrity in serving the music he chooses to play.« »...passages that are imbued with massive sound and blazing accuracy carry their full weight in meaning and emotion. His shaping of each piece is breath-haltingly complete.«

Northeast Wisconsin Music Review

Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 2 with the Cleveland Orchestra and Jahja Ling conducting»...Levkovich cut an alternately haunting and gripping figure, demonstrating complete control and intuitive understanding no matter what the challenging score threw at him.«

Zachary Lewis, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Mozart Concerto No.21 »...mature player, always making the audience focus on his music... He played the Adagio movement in a simple and natural way, giving us a beautiful experience.«

Zhu Xianjie, prominent pianist and music critic

Dmitri Levkovich Piano Trio »...the musicians could jump right into the heartfelt melodies and big emotional surges of Levkovich’s slow movement.«

Broad Street Review (Philhadelphia)

»... spectacular display of virtuosity... won pulsating applause from the audience that completely filled the room.«


»Levkovich brought an intense spirituality to his playing ... he conjured a golden sound, unfolding long, liquid passages and sudden bursts in a manner that reminded one that Chopin's scores often developed from keyboard improvisations.« »His rapid-fire performance revealed the work’s orchestral conception—no surprise, perhaps, from a performer who included one of his own compositions in Sunday’s recital. Full of remarkable playing...«


»...the musical equivalent of Olympians ... Levkovich is a gold medal athlete at the keyboard. His secure technique was used to great advantage.«

Hamilton Spectator

»...His soothing phrases, crystal clear sound, and picturesque mood. Even more impressive is his relaxed gesture and heartfelt joy. He was so immersed in his music that people thought he was not in a competition but in his solo concert.«

Zhu Xianjie, prominent pianist and music critic

»Dmitri’s musical ability is as powerful and spontaneous as a force of nature. It is as if the music is born in the moment of its performance. His intense, emotional temperament and his open noble heart make an immediate contact with his audience. I think of him as one of the important new romantic pianists of the 21st Century.«

Sergei Babayan, famous pianist and piano teacher

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